The Ulster Covenant...

Prime Minister H.H. Asquith introduced the Third Home Rule Bill to the House of Commons on 11 April 1912.

It provided for a parliament in Dublin with limited powers, and it met with strong oppositions from Ulster Unionists who saw it as the first step to Irish independence.

On ‘Ulster Day’, 28 September 1912, the Ulster Covenant was signed by 237,368 men and 234,046 women who pledged themselves to use ‘all means which may be found necessary to defeat the present conspiracy to set up a Home Rule Parliament in Ireland’.

The Ulster Covenant Signatories of 1912 are an invaluable, if underused, genealogical resource. This source is more than simply a list of names and include street addresses, townlands, etc. The signatures have been indexed by PRONI and a searchable database is available on its website (