Householders’ Index...

Discovering your ancestors

The Householders’ Index is arranged by county and provides a list of all the names appearing in the Primary or Griffith’s Valuation and in the tithe applotment books. Explanations of the tithe applotment books and Griffith’s Valuation are given below.

In each county volume there is a general alphabetical index for the whole county followed by individual indexes for each civil parish. In the general alphabetical index each name is recorded against the barony in which it occurs.

The Householders’ Index is available on the shelves of the Public Search Room at PRONI. A searchable database of the Householders’ Index for Ulster can be found on the UHF website.

For Griffith’s Valuation the number of times a particular name occurs in that source is indicated by the figure after the letter ‘G’ in the index. For the tithe applotment books, however, only the occurrence of a name is a parish is recorded, not the number of times it appears. The letter ‘T’ indicates that the name appears at least once in the tithe applotment book for the parish in question.

The parish indexes are arranged in alphabetical order within each barony. It should be borne in mind that some parishes are split between more than one barony. For example, the parish of Termonmaguirk is mainly in the barony of Omagh East, but a small part of it is also in the barony of Strabane Upper.

The Householders’ Index can be useful when it is not known where exactly a person’s ancestors came from. If a surname can be shown to have been concentrated or even to have occurred in a particular parish this may provide a clue to the ancestor’s place of origin. Even better is when the surnames of both parents occur in the same parish. Of course, many names will occur in nearly every parish in significant numbers, and people often married outside their parish. Nonetheless, by consulting the Householders Index it may be possible to discover clues in the hunt for one’s ancestors.