The ‘census of Protestant householders’, 1740

The ‘census’ is available for every county in Ulster...

What has generally been termed a ‘census of Protestant householders’ was compiled in 1740. The returns were made by the collectors of the hearth money and it has, therefore, been suggested that this ‘census’ is actually a hearth money roll and for some areas, such as the barony of Loughinsolin in south Derry, includes Catholics as well.

It is no more than a list of names arranged by county, barony and parish and, reflecting its supervision by the inspector responsible for collecting hearth money, it is occasionally divided into ‘walks’.

Some parishes are also divided into townlands. The original records of this survey were destroyed in Dublin in 1922 but copies survive for part of the survey in transcripts prepared by the genealogist, Tenison Groves. A volume containing these transcripts is available on the open shelves of the Public Search Room of PRONI.