Grant Aid Applications 1832-89 (ED/1)...

Each school applied to the Board of Commissioners of Education for a grant in aid of its running costs.

The printed forms that they completed have been preserved in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, in the ED1 series which contains over 4,500 grant aid applications.

The principal details recorded in this source include the date of establishment (including a note of the date of establishment if it had been in operation before applying to become a national school), name of teacher, size and condition of building, number of enrolled pupils and average number in attendance.

The great majority of teachers appointed were male but, as the schools attracted more pupils, more female assistants were appointed to teach needlework, sewing and cutting out.

The Grant Aid Applications are, therefore, a useful source for an investigation of ‘women at work’ in the 19th century.

Grant aid application forms (ED1 in PRONI):

School Date PRONI ref.
Hook’s Court, High Street 1840-46 ED1/15/139
Kilmorey Steet Male 1840-46 ED1/15/159
Kilmorey Street Female 1840-46 ED1/15/164
Newry 1846-60 ED1/16/74
Newry Convent 1846-60 ED1/16/117
Newry Mill Street 1846-60 ED1/16/137
Mill Street, Newry 1858-65 ED1/17/81
William Street 1858-65 ED1/17/188 & 217
Windsor Hill Union 1846-60 ED1/16/113
Windsor Hill Male 1846-60 ED1/18/185
Windsor Hill Female 1846-60 ED1/18/80(2)