Registers of correspondence...

with national schools from 1835 (ED/6)

Registers giving abstracts of correspondence between schools and the Commissioners of National Education exist in an almost complete series from 1835 to the early 1850s (ED.6/1).

In addition to much of the information to be found in the grant aid applications, these registers list all previous teachers as well as those currently in post. They also record entries for the appointments of new patrons, and the amount of money received by each school every year from pupils (not recorded elsewhere) is noted.

For the period 1835-55 these registers are arranged by county. Each National School has a Roll Number.

ED6/1/3/1, Volume relating to Co. Down schools, 1835-53:

Folio School Date School Roll No
f.2 High St, Newry, Female 1835-41 343
f.6 Newry 1835-41 244

ED6/1/3/2, 1841-52

Folio School Date School Roll No
f.53 Newry Male 1842-49 244
f.62 Rockvale Male 1842-54 3562
f.63 Rockvale Female 1842-51 3563
f.131 Kilmorey Street 1844-54 4237
f.141 Kilmorey Street 1845-52 4373

ED6/1/3/3, 1845-

Folio School Date School Roll No
f.118 Newry Male 1849 2104
f.237 Windsor Hill Male 1852 6642
f. Windsor Hill Female   6643
f.306 John Street Convent 1855 7272
f.307 Mill Street, Newry 1855 7283

ED6/1/2/1, Newry, Co. Armagh

Folio School Date School Roll No
f.34 Newry Workhouse 1835-6 1114
f.60 Newry Workhouse 1842-55 3287