School Records...

in the National Archives, Dublin

It is important to realize that not all registers of correspondence, salary books, and files for national schools in Northern Ireland were transferred in the early 1920s. It is worth checking on the holdings of the National Archives, Dublin for schools in the North.

The registers and files are held in the headquarters of the National Archives at Bishop Street and can be produced on request, but the salary books are in ‘off-site’ storage and must be ordered at least a day in advance.

From 1855, Ireland was divided into sixty-one Education Districts and the old school correspondence registers were re-organised into ‘district books’. A number of these have been deposited in PRONI (ED/6) and, in addition to the information in the original series, the books often provide information on the standard of instruction in the schools and the state of repair of school buildings.

The information about the schools in these Registers of Correspondence is very detailed specifying townland and parish of location, date of establishment, date when the school was taken under the Board of Education, the names of clerical applicants (Church of Ireland), Presbyterian, Roman Catholic etc.) and names of lay applicants stating their religions.