Newspapers are an important source of family history information.

The major drawback with using them is usually the lack of an index of names. Of particular interest to genealogists are birth, death and marriage notices. In many cases a newspaper notice may be the only record of one of these events if it took place prior to civil registration and if a church record has not survived.

The Belfast Newsletter was first published in 1737. Its readership extended far beyond Belfast to cover much of Ulster. Extracts of births, marriages and deaths taken from Gordon’s Newry Chronicle, 1778-9 are available in PRONI (T/699/6).


The Newspaper Library in Belfast, the Linen Hall Library and PRONI all have good newspaper collections. The following are extracts from marriage and deaths notices in Belfast Newsletter, 1738-1800, for Newry (PRONI T/1584)

Page Edition Announcement
p.453 17 Feb. 1792 Married James Andrews Esquire of Comber [Co. Down] to Miss Glenny of Newry.
p.303 24 Nov. 1780 Married on Friday last [17 Nov.] John Gausson Esquire of Newry to Miss Andrews of Comber [both Co. Down]
p.82 18 Jun. 1765 Married last week Mr Robert Davis of Newry, merchant, to Miss Elizabeth Lindsey of Portadown [Co. Armagh]
p.172 24 Sep. 1773 Died at Newry Mr Terence Devellin a Romish clergyman
p.333 29 Oct. 1784 Died at Newry on 27 ult. in her 30th year Mrs Mary Ann Devlin, wife of Mr Mark Devlin of said town.
p.151 8 Oct. 1771 Died at Newry on 27 ult. Mr Andrew Dick, hardware merchant
p.362 17 Oct. 1786 Died last Sunday [15 Oct.] at Violet Hill [Newry] Master Nicholas Dick second son of Samuel Dick Esquire
p.27 30 Aug. 1754 Married last Saturday [24 Aug.] George Disney Esq of Newry to Miss Jane Brabazon eldest dau. of Anthony Brabazon Esquire of Constown, Co. Louth.
p.270 20 Jun. 1777 Died last week at Cabra, Co. Down, in her 35th year Mrs Mary Dromgoole dau. of the late John Magenis Esquire of Cabra, wife of Mr Peter Drumgoole of Newry, apothecary and wine merchant
p.276 2 Jan. 1778 Died a few days since at Newry Mr Peter Dromgoole, apothecary and wine merchant.
p.503-4 12 Oct. 1795 Married on Wed. last [7 Oct.] Thomas Greer Esquire of Newry to Miss Elizabeth Courtney of Southwark
p.24 23 Apr. 1754 Died last Tuesday [16 Apr.] at Newry Capt.John Grenon aged 74
p.406 3 Apr. 1789 Married Mr Thomas Black of Newry, surgeon, to Miss Hail of Drumnevadey (Drumnavaddy, Seapatrick, Banbridge, Co. Down)
p.28 8 Nov. 1754 Died Sunday last (3 Nov.) in Dukes Street [Dublin] Miss Mary Hall, eldest sister to Roger Hall Esquire of Mount Hall, near Newry, and niece to the Rt Hon. The Countess Dowager of Kildare
p.86 29 Nov. 1775 Married lately at Mount Hall, near Newry, William Brownlow Esquire, Knight of the Shire for Co. Armagh, to Miss Hall, 3rd dau. of Roger Hall Esquire, MP for Newry.
p.565 30 Sep. 1800 Died on 17th inst. at Narrow Water House, Mrs Hall, wife of Savage Hall Esquire
p.328 13 July 1784 Died at Newry Joshua Hamilton Esquire, Collector of that port
p.174 22 Oct. 1773 Married [Dublin] Col. Simon Hart, lately from the East Indies, to the widow Campbell of Newry
p.376 10 Aug. 1787 Married William Hartigan Esquire, surgeon of Kings Street, Stephen’s Green [Dublin], to Miss Pollock of Newry
p.529 1 Jan. 1798 Married on 24 Decr. Mr Robert Henry of College Green, Dublin, merchant, to Miss Elder of Newry
p.403 30 Jan. 1789 Died Miss Innes from the Bachelor’s Walk [Dublin], sister to Charles Innes Esquire of Dromantine [Newry], Co. Down, and niece to Robert Kingsmill Esquire of Sidmonton, Hampshire, England, MP for Tregony
p.73 3 Jan. 1764 Died last week in Dominck Street [Dublin] William Innes Esquire of Dromantine [Newry], Co. Down
p.86 25 Oct. 1765 Died on Monday last [21 Oct.] at Tremont, near Newry, Co. Down, Rev. James Johnson aged 87.
p.275 19 Dec. 1777 Died a few days ago Mrs Johnston, wife of James Johnston Esquire of Tremont [Newry, Co. Down]
p.419 1-5 Jan. 1790 Married Mr William Mackeester, merchant of Newry, Co. Down, to Miss Hannah Keenan of Paradise Row [Dublin]
p.3 29 Apr. 1788 Married at Violet Hill [Newry], Co. Armagh, Miss Kelly
p.399 19 May 1780 Died 13 inst. at Newry Mrs Mary Lawson, wife to Mr James Lawson, merchant
p.332 12 Oct. 1784 Died in Market Street on Friday last Mrs Martha Macartney in her 51st year, relict of the late Mr Archibald McCartney, formerly merchant in Newry, and dau. of the late Major Bell of Bell’s Grove, near Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone.
p.484 20 Jun. 1794 Died at Newry on Monday last [23 June] Mr Richard McAvoy in his 88th year, keeper of the navigation bridge, leading from Sugar Island to Canal Street.
p.341 17 Jun. 1785 Died in Newry Mr William McCabe, watchmaker
p.295 26 Oct. 1779 Married 27 inst. Miss Bridget McCaffrey of Belfast to Mr John Mateer of Newry
p.315 29 Nov. 1782 Died Mr Joseph McClure at Newry 25 Nov., merchant of that town
p.384 11 Jan. 1788 Married on Tuesday last Mr James McComb of Belfast to Miss Margaret McCulley of Newry
p.335 14 Jan. 1785 Died on Friday last [7 Jan.] Capt. MacDonald, Master of the schooner. Industry of this port [Newry]
p.268 20 May 1777 Died at Newry Mr Ferdinand MacDonnel, grocer
p.149 1 Jan. 1790 Married Mr William Mackwester, merchant of Newry, Co Down, to Miss Hannah Keenan (q.v.).
p.129 21 Apr. 1769 Married on 18th inst. Miss Maitland of Knockstickian [Knocksticken, Loughin island] to Mr John Maffet of “Farnefade”
p.340 31 May 1785 Married Mr Francis McKenna of Newry, merchant, to Miss Marmion of Louth
p.506 8 Feb. 1796 Died last week in Newry Rev. Lucius Marron, only son of Mr Marron, schoolmaster in Newry.
p.516 11 Nov. 1796 Died in Newry on 8th inst. in her 14th year Miss Marron, dau. of Mr James Marron, classical schoolmaster in that town
p.234 1 Aug. 1775 Married at Newry Mr Daniel Marsden, merchant of Abbey Street [Newry], to Miss Catherine Corry (q.v.), dau. of M.P. for Newry
p.338 12 Apr. 1785 Died at Newry on Wed. last Master William May, aged 14 years, son of Mr Samuel May of Canal Street [Newry], merchant
pp.74-75 2 Mar. 1764 Married 21 Feb. at Annaginy [Annaginny, Donaghmore, Dungannon], Co Tyrone, Mr Mitchell, merchant of Newry to Miss Judith Mitchell a lady of distinguished merit with a handsome fortune.
p.386 5 Feb. 1788 Died in Newry in his 39th year Rev. John O’Fegan, RC clergyman in that town
p.307 22 Jun. 1781 Died on Sat. last Mr George Ogle Jnr of Newry
p.309 19 Oct. 1781 Died last week at Newry Mr George Ogle Snr., merchant
p.266 28 Mar. 1777 Married at Newry Miss Jane Ogle, dau. of William Ogle of Newry, Esquire, to Thomas Benson Esquire
p.335 14 Jan. 1785 Died on 10th inst. Mrs Jane Ogle, wife to William Ogle Esquire of Newry
p.329 6 Aug. 1784 Died at Newry in Bow Street Mrs Owen, wife of Mr John Owen
p.330 3 Sep. 1784 Married on Fri. last Miss Charlotte Pollock of Newry to Mr William Sinclare (q.v.)
p.236 22 Aug. 1775 Married on Tuesday evening last Mr James Pollock, merchant of Newry, to Miss Jane Sinclaire (q.v.)
p.163 8 Dec. 1772 Died last Tuesday [1st] of a violent fever in his twentieth year Mr George Read, son to James Read Esq of Newry
p.506 29 Jan. 1796 Died at Newry on Thur. last in her 35t year, wife to Christopher Read Esquire
p.567 17 Oct. 1800 Died at Newry on Sat. last [11th], wife of Samuel Re[i]d Esquire, distributor of stamps for Co. Down
p.190 31 May 1774 Married Miss Robinson of Newry to Mr Daniel Cochrane (q.v.)
p.127 14 Feb. 1769 Died at Rostrevor, near Co. Newry, Co. Down, Robert Ross M.P., Alderman of Dublin, Lord Mayor of same in 1749, Member of Parliament in the last two Parliaments and one of the Trustees of the linen manufacture
p.512 11 Jul. 1796 Married yesterday [7th] at St. George’s, Hanover Square [London], John Scott Esquire of Newry to Miss Pratt of Harbledown.
p.226 12 May 1775 Married at Newry Mr James Searight, merchant, to Miss Beath
p.275 26 Dec. 1777 Died at Newry, dau. of John Seaver Esquire of Heathhall
p.330 3 Sep. 1784 Married on Fri. last Mr William Sinclaire of Belfast to Miss Charlotte Pollock of Newry
p.369 23 Mar. 1787 ‘Capt. Stack and all on board drowned in the wreck of the Ann near Broomhill on her passage from Alicunte [Spain] to Newry.
p.341 12 July 1785 Married [Newry 11th] Miss Stanley of Drogheda to Mr Robert Taylor, Newry, apothecary
p.211 29 Nov. 1774 Died at Newry Mr George Stevenson, printer and bookseller
p.385 25 Jan. 1788 Died 21st inst. wife of Robert Stevenson Esquire, Newry
p.256 23 Aug. 1777 Married on Mon. se’nnight Mr Robert Stevenson, bookseller, to Miss Nancy Cumming (q.v.), both of Newry
p.55 23 May 1760   Died 21st inst. in Newry in an advanced age Mrs Catherine Stewart, formerly wife of Mr Peyton Farquhar, bookseller, late of Dublin. She was a dutiful wife; a tender parents, an affectionate friend, which make her death, universally lamented. She was eminent for making Holma’s London Ink powder for upwards of thirty years past.
p.341 12 July 1785 Married Newry [11th] Mr Robert Taylor, apothecary of Newry, to Miss Stanley (q.v.)
p.550 19 July 1799 Died 13th inst. Mrs Sarah Tegart, wife of Mr James Tegart, merchant, Newry
p.343 23 Aug. 1785 Died at Newry, Mr John Thirkield
p.272 29 Aug. 1777 Died on Thursday 14th ult. Andrew Todd, linen draper of Ballyroney, Co. Down, on the road home from Newry by a fall from his horse
p.243 12 Dec. 1775 Married [Dublin 9 Dec.] Miss Sally Tooms of Newry to Mr Peter Godley